Open Systems & Information Dynamics

Edited by the Institute of Physics, Nicolaus Copernicus University
Published by World Scientific

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Open Systems & Information Dynamics
Institute of Physics, Nicolaus Copernicus University
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Aim and scope

The aim of the Journal is to promote interdisciplinary research in mathematics, physics, engineering and life sciences centered around the issues of broadly understood information processing, storage and transmission, in both quantum and classical settings. Our special interest lies in the information-theoretic approach to phenomena dealing with dynamics and thermodynamics, control, communication, filtering, memory and cooperative behaviour, etc., in open complex systems. The following topics are particularly welcome:

  • theory of quantum information, including entropy, entanglement and measurement, quantum communication, computing and cryptography;
  • open systems, decoherence classical and quantum noise;
  • theoretical bioinformatics;
  • information/entropy flow in complex dynamical systems;
  • complexity theory of classical and quantum systems;
  • other models of information processing.

Understandably, this list does not exclude other possible topics. The Journal is intended to present theoretically oriented material (even purely mathematical) as well as contributions of applied character.