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LaTeX style file  osid.sty  and exemplary paper

The file  osid.sty,  which can be downloaded below, is a provisional LaTeX style imitating that of the OSID journal.

It simply alters the definitions of a few basic LaTeX macros, like \title, \author, \maketitle, \section, etc., and page size parameters, making a paper written in just standard LaTeX  article,  style look more or less like an OSID publication. Hence, there are no new things to learn.

Here are the guidelines on the use of  osid.sty.

  • Download the style file  osid.sty  by clicking here the right mouse button and sellecting "Save target as..." in the menu. Save it (named osid.sty) in the same directory where your paper LaTeX source file(s) is kept and processed.
  • Your paper should be prepared in the standard LaTeX  article  style syntax. Please, study and process the short exemplary file  example.tex .
  • The style works well with both LaTeX 2.09 and LaTeX2e. With LaTeX 2.09 your document starts with
    while with LaTeX2e it should be
  • Do not change any formatting (lengths), numbering or referencing definitions in the OSID style.
  • Papers selected for print in an issue of OSID are eventually processed as a single LaTeX job and similar macro names appearing in different papers may cause problems which are often hard to detect. Therefore, the use of private macros should be reduced to a necessary minimum; if you use any, please do not forget to include them in the source of your paper, avoiding short names likely to be repeated, e.g.  "\be"  for  "\begin{equation}"  or for  "\beta".  Do not use local macro packages which are not standard, in particular do not use Scientific Word. Discard from your source file any macros not used in this file.
  • The source file should not contain lines longer than 80 characters. Also discard from your file any lines commented out by "%". The file will be reformated by us, and short lines make our work easier.
  • In case of any problems or questions do not hesitate to contact us at