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Contents of the Volume 2

Number 1 (April 1993)

B. Andresen, J. M. Gordon:
Analytic Constant Thermodynamic Speed-Cooling Strategies in Simulated Annealing, pp. 1-12.
M. Janowicz:
Decay rate, frequency shift and radiation pattern of a charged harmonic oscillator in the cavity between a metal and a dielectric, pp. 13-39.
R. E. Nettleton:
Reciprocity and Consistency in Non-Local Extended Thermodynamics, pp. 41-47.
F. Pasemann:
Discrete Dynamics of Two Neuron Networks, pp. 49-66.
D. H. Sharp, J. Reinitz, E. Mjolsness:
Multiscale Modeling of Developmental Processes, pp. 67-76.
S. Koseki, R. F. Streater:
The Statistical Dynamics of Activity-led Reactions, pp. 77-94.
P. L. Antonelli, R. H. Bradbury, R. E. Reichelt:
Multiple Time-Scale Diffusion Models of Starfish and Coral State Changes Over the Whole Great Barier Reef, pp. 95-106.
I. Ojima, M. Ozawa:
Unitary Representations of the Hyperfinite Heisenberg Group and the Logical Extension Methods in Physics, pp. 107-128.

Number 2 (April 1994)

R. Quadt, P. Busch:
Coarse Graining and the Quantum-Classical Connection, pp. 129-155.
O. Hirota:
Conditional Quantum Channel and Its Certain Construction, pp. 157-174.
L. Rondoni, R. F. Streater:
The Statistical Dynamics of Brussellator, pp. 175-194.
A. Kossakowski:
On Closed-Form Approximations for the Free Energy of d-dimensional Ising Model, II, pp. 195-210.
R. S. Ingarden, J. Meller:
Temperatures in Linguistics as a Model of Thermodynamics, pp. 211-230.
Z. W. Gortel, L. A. Turski:
Cellular Automation Model for Surface Diffusion, pp. 231-243.

Number 3 (August 1994)

H. Roos, R. N. Sen:
Is Microphysics Incomplete?, pp. 245-264.
Clopper Almon:
Path Curves, an Introduction to the Work of L. Edwards on Bud Forms, pp. 265-277.
S. Romanowski, L. Wojtczak, W. Stasiak, B. Mrygon:
Conductivity of Biological Membranes, pp. 279-286.
B. Gaveau, J. Lawrynowicz, L. Wojtczak:
Solitons in Biological Membranes, pp. 287-293.
Wlodzislaw Duch:
Quantitative measures for Self-Organizing Topographic Maps, pp. 295-302.
L. B. Levitin, M. G. Karpovsky:
Exhaustive Testing of Almost All Devices with Outputs Depending on Limited Number of Inputs, pp. 303-318.
L. B. Levitin:
Entropy Defect and Information for Two Quantum States, pp. 319-329.
A. Kossakowski:
On Closed-Form Approximations for the Free Energy of d-dimensional Ising Model, III, pp. 331-336.
L. Accardi, M. Ohya, H. Suyari:
Computation of Mutual Entropy in Quantum Markov Chains, pp. 337-354.
A. Akashi:
An Entropy Theoretic Classification of Normal States, pp. 355-361.

Book review

S. Sieniutycz:
Conservation Laws in Variational Thermo-Hydrodynamics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht 1994. (ref. R. Mrugala).