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Contents of the Volume 3

Number 1 (April 1995)

M. Robnik:
Chaos and Revolutions in 20th-Century Science, pp. 3-22.
T. Bountis:
Fundamental Concepts of Classical Chaos I, pp. 23-96.
H. Haken, A. Wunderlin, S. Yigitbasi:
An Introduction to Synergetics, pp. 97-130.
R. M. Corless:
Symbolic Computation in Nonlinear Dynamics, pp. 131-148.

Number 2 (August 1995)

A. Stefanovska, P. Kroselj, S. Strle:
Revealing Oscillators. Calculation of the Dimension of Attractors, pp. 149-178.
F. Czegledy, J. Katz:
Biological Systems: Stochastic, Deterministic or Both, pp. 179-188.
F. Czegledy, J. Katz:
Analysis and Modeling of Biological Systems Using Fractal Geometry, pp. 189-200.
M. Togeby, E. Mosekilde:
Mode-Locking and Chaos in a Model of Two Coupled Thermostatically Controlled Radiators, pp. 201-214.
O. Jensen, V. O. Pannbacker, E. Mosekilde, G. Dewels, P. Borckmans:
Turing Structures and Turbulence in a Chemical Reaction-Diffusion System, pp. 215-236.
M. Liberoth, M. Barfred, E. Mosekilde:
Dynamics of a Food-Web Model of an Aquatic Ecosystem, pp. 237-254.
Ch. Kampmann, Ch. Haxholdt, E. Mosekilde, J. D. Sterman:
Entrainment in a Dissagregated Economic Long Wave Model, pp. 255-274.
P. Staszewski, G. Staszewska:
Nondemolition Quantum Filtering, pp. 275-289.

Number 3 (December 1995)

M. Matsumoto:
Every Path Space of Dimension Two is Projectively Related to a Finsler Space, pp. 291-304.
P. L. Antonelli, M. Matsumoto:
On Conformal and Projective Flatness Of Two-Dimensional Constant-Berwald Finsler Spaces In Epidemiology, pp. 305-318.
P. L. Antonelli, T. Zastawniak:
Curvature and Production Stability in Volterra-Hamilton System of Finsler Type, pp. 319-324.
M. Abundo, L. Caramellino:
Some Remarks on a Markov Chain Modelling Cooperative Biological Systems, pp. 325-344.
Ch. Fuchs, C. M. Caves:
Mathematical Techniques for Quantum Communication Theory, pp. 345-356.
M. Ohya, T. Matsuoka:
Simulated Annealing and its Application to Cobb-Douglas Economic Model, pp. 357-368.
H. Tompits:
A Survey of Non-Monotonic Reasoning, pp. 367-396.